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Saturday, March 7, 2015

Banshee 3.9: Loyalty

Loyalty has always been an issue on Banshee, but never more so than on last night's episode 3.9, in which

  • Job tells Hood they're finished - seeing as how Hood almost cost Job his life - right before Job is captured by Col. Stowe's own master hacker, an admirer of Job, not quite as digitally good as Job, but good enough to crack the heist open to reveal everyone except Hood.  (Typically great job as Job by Hoon Lee, by the way.)
  • Carrie and Gordon draw closer together, right before Carrie is captured by Stowe's men.  Stowe then commences beating her, and sends in one his guys to continue the job with a prod, all to get her to reveal Hood as the 4th person in the heist, which we know she won't.   (By the way, what kind of unit is or was Stowe's anyway - I guess, on Banshee, the same kind of sheriff that Hood is, the same kind of bartender that Sugar is, etc.)
  • Proctor tells Brock's former wife to leave, after he breaks free of his captors, after Hood and Brock rescue only Brock's wife, and Rebecca and Burton arrive a moment too late to save him, because Proctor doesn't need to be saved.  But the upshot of Proctor telling the former Mrs. Brock - Emily - to go is that Proctor has found himself again.  In an important confession, he says that after his mother's death, he thought he heard God calling him to be a better man, but now realizes that all he was feeling was grief not grace. (One of the best things about Banshee are characters being true to themselves, however bad those selves may be.)  Rebecca is certainly pleased about this, and likely Burton, too (if he has feelings for Rebecca, he can't be 100% pleased).  

So the season finale next week begins with the following bad situation for our anti-heroes: Sugar, Job, and Carrie are under Stowe's brutal control.   Who can Hood call upon to help him free these people and put Stowe away?   Brock and the new deputies won't be enough.   Proctor, Burton, and Rebecca could put Hood over the top, but it's hard to see Hood asking Proctor for help - after he left him after saving Emily - and Proctor doesn't feel much loyalty to Hood or his people.  On the other hand -

Well, the coming attractions carried the ominous voice-over that "everything will change," which means something's gotta give, somewhere, and likely at least one more person that we know from before this season will die - either that, or Hood will indeed no longer continue with a badge in Banshee.

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