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Monday, December 21, 2015

Homeland Season 5 Finale: RIPs

Homeland wrapped up its 5th season last night with a surprisingly low key episode - in view of what we saw last week - and which was rather, well, grim.

[Spoiler ensue ... ]

First and foremost in the downers was the (apparent) death of Quinn, at the hands of Carrie in a mercy killing.  I suppose there was no place left for Quinn to go in the story, but, still, it have would been better to see him go in a more dynamic way. (I say "apparent" because I guess there's always a chance that he could bounce back after flatlining.)

Allison got what she deserved, but was killed all but offscreen, as bullets riddled the trunk of the car in which she was being driven to Russia.  There was some satisfaction in Saul being the one to finally get her, but her death seemed oddly anti-climactic, too.

And then there was Carrie, who of course didn't die, but swears she can longer work for the agency, because she's not the person she used to be.   Haven't we seen that very storyline before?  And isn't it as much a set-up as it always was, and always will be, as long as Homeland continues, because the essence of Homeland always was and always will be what Carrier does best, super, inspired spying?

And so this very uneven season of Homeland concludes.  It started out slowly, had some brilliant episodes leading up to last night, but I found the finale weak and disappointing.

With all that's going on in the world, Homeland fortunately or unfortunately has an ideal backdrop for its 6th season next year, which I'm very much looking forward to seeing.

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