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Monday, December 14, 2015

The Good Wife 7.10: Selfish Eli

Well, The Good Wife wrapped up the first part of Season 7 - 7.10 - with an episode which could blast everything apart.   Actually, not the episode as a whole, but just the last few minutes - which, if you're going to put in a bombshell, is always the best place.

Eli, despondent over losing his nascent love, unburdens to Alicia and tells her he erased Will's confession of love to Alicia, lodged on her cell phone a few years back, before she had a chance to hear it.  Alicia is justifiably beyond furious.

Make no mistake about it.  This is not a magnanimous act by Eli.  His confession can do Alicia no real good, seeing as how Will is dead.  Yes, it should gladden her heart that Will did love her, but she already knew this.  So the gist of what this will bring to Alicia is heartbreak, over what could have been, what we/she really wanted, and now it turns out Will wanted as well.

Eli's confession helps him, in unburdening his conscience.  But his relationship with Alicia, rocky already, will never be the same.   And up in the air now is what Alicia will be willing to do for Peter in his campaign for the Presidency (hey, I wouldn't mind seeing him take some shots at Donald Trump).

Kudos to Alan Cumming for a tour-de-force performance as Eli.  He's always excellent.  But the expressions on his face, the almost tears in eyes, were just perfect as he made his guilty declaration to Alicia.

Looking forward to the continuing story, back on the air in early January.

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