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Monday, December 14, 2015

The Affair 2.11: Alison and Cole in Business

An unexpected development in The Affair 2.11 last night - Alison and Cole are going into business together, as joint owners of The Lobster Roll.

I get Cole's motivation, sort of.   He wants to stay in Montauk, is happy with Luisa, sees no threat from Alison.  But Alison's, I don't get so much.  Surely she sees that Noah will be threatened by this, as indeed he is, and all but tells her. And how could she be comfortable partnering in business with Cole?

At this point, she surely knows Joanie is Cole's not Noah's.   Is her motive for going into business with Cole that she's hoping they will also reunited as a couple, and raise Joanie together?  That's certainly possible, but Alison doesn't overtly seem to want this - at least, not as yet - either.

Of course, what we saw of Alison was from Noah's point of view, which has always been insecure about how much Alison really wants him, and the two of them as a couple.  Since we didn't see Alison's point of view last night, we can't be sure what she was really thinking and feeling.  Indeed, the glow she had about going into business with Cole was from Cole's point of view, and may not necessarily be hers, either.

Back to the killing of Scotty: as I said last week, I think Luisa now has to be considered a prime suspect.   Scotty has come close to telling Cole what he knows.   Should Luisa find out what Scotty knows, she would have a powerful motive to get rid of Scotty before he tells Cole that he's Joanie's father.

On the other hand, we may see Scotty spill the beans to Cole in the very next scene, as he opens his eyes and talks in the car.  We'll find out more next week - and my only regret is I wish that episode was on tonight.

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