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Thursday, March 10, 2016

Black Sails 3.7: The Blackening of John Silver

Another fine, strong episode of Black Sails on Starz this past Saturday - 3.7, which I was too busy looking at politics to review at the time - with two important character developments.

The most important is what is happening with John Silver, not physically, which we've seen with his peg-leg, but to his head - that is, psychologically, or, to be more precise,  his soul.   The television series takes place earlier than the Robert Louis Stevenson novel, in which Long John Silver is already hardened - and fearsome.

In episode 3.7, we see him really getting there, with his statement - chilling to himself as well as the audience - that he enjoys killing, or least gets some pleasure from it.   Given that Silver has been the moral compass of the show, this is an extraordinary if inevitable revelation.

Meanwhile, we also get a revelation of a very different kind from Eleanor:  she's sleeping with Rogers and enjoying it.   I suppose we could discover in the end that she's still loyal to the pirates, but her heart surely looks loyal to their enemy.  Of course, I'm no expert in the wiles of spydom, so for all I know she's enjoying Rogers while still employing him, manipulating him for her own purposes.  But it doesn't quite feel that way.

And speaking of Rogers, the scene was him and Flint was memorable, too.  Black Sails excels in subtly different shades, usually of evil, and it was refreshing to see a bad guy, from our pirate perspective, having a realistic, admirable toughness of spirit.  This, in turn, makes Eleanor's attraction to him more believable.

Looking forward to next week!

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