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Monday, March 21, 2016

Black Sails 3.9: Wither Vane

I entitled my review of last week's episode of Black Sails "Whether Vane".  This week's review - of episode 3.9 - is entitled "wither Vane," because--(spoilers follow)

Well, I put in a spoiler break, because, if you haven't yet seen Black Sails 3.9, you might not want to know what Charles Vane is hanged at the end of the episode.

Black Sails, as everyone knows, is a brilliant mixture of Robert Louis Stevenson characters (Flint, Silver) and real-life pirates (Vane, Rackham, Bonny, Blackbeard, etc).  The fates of the real-life pirates are constricted by history, to the extent that Black Sails wants to remain true to it.   The fates of Flint and Silver are constrained by the circumstance that Black Sails takes place 20 years before Stevenson's Treasure Island, not to mention that killing off either of them would remove a crucial character from the storyline, though that hasn't seemed to have damaged Game of Thrones too much.

Lesser fictional characters are fair game.   Mr.  Scott's death was slow and sad this season, just as Miranda's was sudden and shocking last season. But in both cases, Black Sails was entitled to play it that way, or whatever way it chose.

And Charles Vane?  Well, history tells us he was hanged as a pirate, but not in Nassau.  Black Sails is, after all, not a documentary, not even a docu-drama, which means it can be flexible with the dictates of history.   Hey, the series could have kept Vane swashbuckling instead of hanging from the gallows a few more seasons.   Which is why I found his death disappointing.

It also had the effect of making Eleanor a thoroughly unsympathetic character now, which I suppose is good for the edginess of the narrative.  But I liked Eleanor much better when she was in bed with the pirates, figuratively and literally.

The one indisputably good consequence of Vane's hanging is that it's pulling Teach (Blackbeard) back into the game.  I'm looking forward to the fireworks next week.

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