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Saturday, March 12, 2016

Black Sails 3.8: Whether Vane

Another outstanding Black Sails - 3.8 - tonight, with another superb fighting scene, this one on the road, as Flint, Vane, Annie & company, like masked desperados on horseback, with guns and swords, rescue Rackham and the loot from Rogers.  It could have been a scene of Zorro, or a Tarantino movie, it was that good.

The result was a nice piece of work, too.  Rackham sprung but in effect traded for Vane, with Rogers bloody but still intact and even more resolved than ever.

This now pitches our story into the triangle that has been building and we have been waiting for all season .  Will Eleanor truly work with Rogers, to destroy Vane and what he calls forth in her past, or will she be swayed by Vane once again?  Or - has she in fact never been swayed from Vane at all despite what's she said and done with Rogers?

As I've said in previous reviews - see below -  Eleanor sure looks and seems like she's loving Rogers, in spirit as well as body.   But she could be a good actress.  And though she makes a convincing, impassioned declaration of her commitment and devotion to Rogers, of her love for him ... I don't know, I won't be surprised at all if she sides with Vane in the end.   And such uncertainty is what I call fine narrative writing.

As a slightly less significant but appealing touch, I like that it's fallen to Billy Bones to save the day or at least Vane, somehow, in Nassau.   His volunteering was a heartening sight, and I can only hope that he doesn't have something up his sleeve also, because that's the way it is with these pirates.

Now how's that for a review just seventeen minutes past the hour!

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