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Saturday, March 12, 2016

Vikings 4.4: Speaking the Language

Good to see Rollo and Gisla together at last in Paris in Vikings 4.4, and all because Rollo got to her heart  by learning her Frankish language.  Well, French still is the language of love, and there was a chemistry between them the first time their eyes locked with Rollo scaling the walls, though Gisla did her best to deny and resist it.

This is also a great development for the plot, because Rollo and Gisla as a couple will make him an even more ferocious defender of Paris than he otherwise would have been.  I still can't seem him actually fighting Ragnar, but that's still a little away in the story - if it happens at all.

Meanwhile, speaking of Ragnar, and back in Scandinavia, I really can't stand that new guy who's insinuated himself into Ragnar's family, with Aslaugh's acceptance.  He's of course there to kill Ragnar, and we know already that some part of her wouldn't mind that happening, but I can't quite see her acquiescing in this way to her husband's assassination.

Who will come to Ragnar's aid, assuming he's not killed in his sleep (which won't happen).  Bjorn is back, and I think even Floki would kill the stranger before Floki would let him kill Ragnar. Presumably this will be resolved before our Vikings turn their attention back to England and to Paris.

England was pretty quiet in episode 4.4, but there's a lot brewing there, and the return of the Vikings, whenever they get back, should bring all of that to a violent surface.

Looking forward to all of this more in the weeks ahead.

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