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Thursday, September 7, 2017

Narcos 3: The Gentlemen of Cali

Narcos was back the first of September with its third streaming season on Netflix.   It had a lot to live up to with the death of Escobar at the end of the second season, someone who in his own way is right up there with everyone from Robin Hood to Michael Corleone, and who was actually real in recent history.  But Narcos 3 did it, and manages to present a season every bit as riveting if not quite as biographically significant as in the first two runs.

And that's because the Rodriguez brothers, aka the Cali Cartel along with Pacho and a guy in New York, want to keep a low profile, or a much lower profile than their late rival, Pablo Escobar.  They -- or at least, the Rodriguez brothers -- consider themselves not only corporate executives but "gentlemen".  And they are, of sorts.

Miguel Rodriguez - very well played by Francisco Denis, by the way - has a fairly important high-level manager in their organization killed because Miguel covets his wife.  She takes him up on his offer of a free luxury apartment for her and her son, because what can she do?  But when she starts taking her dress off for Miguel, he gently puts it back on her.  That's gentlemanly, right?  I mean, he did kill her husband, but ... (They do sleep together a little later.)

DEA agent Peña (continually well acted by Pedro Pascal) has become a USA hero of sorts, having brought down the legendary Escobar, but he of course has his hands more than full trying to do the same for the Cali Cartel.  He's assisted by two young, gung-ho agents, but the crucial difference is made by Jorge Salcedo, the ace Cali tech wizard and security chief who (spoilers) switches sides.  (Good performance here by Matias Varela.) As was the case with the first two seasons, we know the ending of this true story, but not how everyone gets there, and there's lots of great action -- especially from Chepe, the guy in New York, who actually does not keep such a low profile - and surprises along the way.

Highly recommended!

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