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Sunday, September 24, 2017

Outlander 3.3: Free and Sad

A powerful and powerfully sad episode 3.3 of Outlander tonight, with both Claire and Jamie gaining freedom from each of their own prisons, separated by some 200 years in time.

So why was it so sad?

Well, Claire finally is free of Frank, and not because he finally wants to get divorced because he knows that Claire can never love him again, with Jamie forever in the way.  No, it's because Frank dies in a car crash.  And that's sad.  He was by no means perfect, even though he was having an affair all these years.  But he took Claire back, and raised Brianna as his own, and can you blame him for loving another woman, after what happened with Claire.  True, that wasn't exactly Claire's fault - she didn't choose to go back in time, and once back there, she had no way of knowing she'd ever see Frank again in her future.  But, still, she might have done more to banish Jamie from her heart, once she was back with Frank, though that's easier for a viewer to say than her character to do.

And Jamie is free, too - or, at least, no longer in prison.  Again, he now has a better chance of going back up to those stones and trying to find Claire in the future, now that he's left that prison and its rats behind.  But, will he?

The coming attractions suggest that it will be Brianna who goes back in time, not Claire, though that's not clear.  But what's to stop Claire from going to the stones again, especially if she's back in England with Brianna?  I guess it's also not clear if she'll go back to England now, either - but is her hard-earned profession as doctor truly more important to her than finding Jamie?

I'm looking forward to seeing what happens.

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