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Monday, September 25, 2017

Ray Donovan 5.7: Reckonings

An especially strong Ray Donovan 5.7 last night, in this especially strong - and heartbreaking - season, with at least four signal developments:

1.  Looks like Avi is off the show - at least, for a while.  It was close to being permanently, but Ray managed to refrain from killing his loyal and usually highly effective assistant and protector.  Fortunately, Ray is if anything nothing but clever, and he went the root of video recording his shooting Avi, rather than actually shooting him, and it managed to convince the LA head of the FBI.

2. Actually, I was surprised that he was convinced so quickly, but it turns out not to really matter, because that FBI head was soon shot as well - this time for real - by Daryll, in defense of his father, who's almost always in need of some quick defending.  But as Mickey knows, killing the LA FBI Chief brings huge dangers on to the family.

3. Terry telling the audience (and Ray) that he gave Abby mercy-killing drugs was one of the most heart-rending revelations in the whole Abby story, which is so sad as to almost make Ray Donovan another kind of show.  I know it's brought all kinds of possibilities to the show and the characters, but I still wish they hadn't done that.

4. But there was a least a little good news last night - or about as good as it goes on this show - with Bunchy getting out of jail.  He'll no doubt do something before too long which will land him in hot water again, but at least he's out and free now.

Hey, I guess Ray sleeping with Natalie is good news, too - it definitely is - and this is a story I'd like to see more of in the weeks ahead.   Ray Donovan continues as a truly unique piece of television, and though I can't say I always enjoy it, I can never not watch it.

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