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Monday, November 27, 2017

Curb Your Enthusiasm 9.9: Salmon Discretion

A flat-out hilarious episode 9.9 of Curb Your Enthusiasm tonight, that fired on all kinds of sundry cylinders.

The salmon/Salman (Rushdie) bit between Larry and Lin Manual Miranda as they discussed "Fatwa" in Miranda's office was not the funniest, but it rang a bell with me, maybe because I knew a guy by the name of Barry Salmon in the MA in Media Studies Program at the New School some decades ago, and for all I know he's still there, though I'm not sure if that's still the name of the program or the school, for that matter.  But I thought of him during the Larry and Lin exchange, which turned out to be the first of many more that were much more funny.

Very funny,  right out of the box, was Larry's springing the sexual performance agreement on Bridget, who I thought broke up with Larry last week, but I was glad to see back (and, hey, with a star like Lauren Graham, it would be crazy to let her go after just one episode).  This was the latest in the innumerable ways Larry always works against his own best interests, especially when it comes to getting some (aka someone in bed).

Also creme de la creme comedy was the Judge Judy skit, replete with Leon as a helpful witness explaining something about skin tones, relevant (I think) to what Larry's plant looked like, which occasioned the former owner of his house stealing the plant.  Again, I could relate to that.  Just recently, a son of the former owners of our home knocked on the door, and we've been living here since 1992.

And, of course, Larry falling asleep a second time in the Hamilton audience was a classic bit, with Larry carefully laying the groundwork earlier with his hurt shoulder and the pills.  I knew as soon as Larry took the pills in the theater that we'd be seeing him snore at the end.

Alas, I can't relate too well to Hamilton, however, because I haven't seen it.  Hey, maybe Larry or someone from his organization will read this, and send along tickets for me and my wife.

Likely that won't happen before next week, when I'll be reviewing the final episode of this season. Like tonight, I won't apologize for reviewing comedies if the show is as funny as it was this evening.

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