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Monday, November 13, 2017

Outlander 3.9: The Seas

Ok, the ship at the end of Outlander 3.8 was not pirate but Portuguese, but we still got a good sea yarn this past Sunday in episode 3.9.

Claire and Jamie continue to explore - mostly enjoyably - the labyrinths of reestablishing a relationship after so many difficult years apart, and I thought that was handled very well, striking a right balance between getting to know each other again, but still very much loving each other.  And Claire's desperately missing her/their daughter was something that needed to be shown, and will no doubt play a major role in some future episodes (note again that I haven't read the novels).

I also liked Yi Tein Cho saving the day on the ship, though I'm not quite clear how he did it.  But he makes a great new enigmatic character,  just what Jamie needed to meet in the big city of Edinburgh, and now we the audience are getting to see at sea.  He's his own man, with an agenda all his own, and that makes him more like a character from the Seven Samurai than Hop Sing from Bonanza, even though Yi and Hop are both Chinese.

But the most appealing part of this episode was the promise of things to come, with some swashbuckling in the Caribbean, heralded by the new opening credits with lots of shots from the islands.  After two years of damp and chilly Scotland, I'm all for the blue skies and white sands of those adventurous islands.

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