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Sunday, November 26, 2017

Outlander 3.11: Claire Crusoe

Another excellent Outlander tonight - 3.11 - in which Claire makes like Robinson Crusoe, stranded on an island after she jumps overboard and shouts "Jesus H. Roosevelt Christ" (what does the "H" stand for?) and swims ashore.  Except Claire makes out much better at the end of this episode than did Crusoe, at thus far in Claire and Jamie's story.

Along the way, Claire enjoys the hospitality and idiosyncrasies of a priest, who has a reverence for goats and a liking for Claire.  But fate works in her favor, and she's reunited with Jamie as the two run into each other's arms on the shore, like a scene from any number of 1940s movies, which makes sense, given that Claire comes from the 1940s.

I guess that's where she got the "Roosevelt" for her cursing, and I admit that I never heard that rendition of the oath before.  But I've heard the "H" a myriad of times still have no idea what it stands for - if you Google it, you see something about a Harold.

But this is one of the most loving episodes of Outlander, with not only Claire and Jamie together again, but Fergus and Marsali finally married - by the cracked but lovable priest - which means they can finally be in bed together, too.   Claire gets to give Marsali a promise of the contraception advice she requests - though Claire didn't need to come from the future to know what to do.

This is probably the happiest ending we'll see on Outlander for a while, and indeed in television land an episode of a drama with a happy ending is always a sign of dire things to come.

But I'm ever the optimist, and I'll be here with a review the ups and the downs of the next Outlander next week.

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