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Sunday, October 15, 2017

Curb Your Enthusiasm 9.3: Benefits

Ok, I said I wouldn't be reviewing Curb Your Enthusiasm, but episode 9.3 was such a gem, an instant classic, that I'd be a fool not to review it and become part of the history of rave reviews which this episode will no doubt garner.

The benefits of fatwa which Salman Rushdie delivers to Larry - the real Salman, not spelled or pronounced like the fish - are sheer genius, even though there are but two that Rushdie mentions: you become a magnet of dangerous sexual energy, and you have a great excuse for not attending events you'd rather miss.

Most the episode is taken up with evidence of the first, as Larry attracts Elizabeth Banks, playing herself in this episode.  It's good to see Larry with someone, after Cheryl has left him - and hooked up with Ted Danson no less - though Larry and Elizabeth, alas, didn't last too long in this episode.

Their budding relationship fell victim to Larry's inevitable tendency to derail a good relationship with one tick or another.  This time it's trying to get Elizabeth to make up a story, so Larry isn't nailed for damaging a police car.  As Elizabeth says, she didn't have much time to prepare.

The episode also has lots of great Larry one-liners, my favorite being his observation, 100% true, that for some reason people in Brooklyn pronounce the word "donkey" as "dunkey".  I actually pronounce donkey that way, too - by the way, is a donkey, however it's pronounced, the same animal as an ass? - though I'm from the Bronx.  Wait, my father was from Brooklyn, maybe that's why, though I have no recollection of his ever saying that word.

Ok, enough for this comedy, there are dramas to review.  But, by the way, I agree with Susie that Larry looked better in his disguise.

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