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Sunday, April 1, 2018

Homeland 7.8: Evenly Matched

Another top-notch hour of spy-craft in Homeland 7.8 tonight, as both sides make crucial moves that leave the board unchanged as far as advantages.

Carrie manages to crack Dante - by administering a drug which Dante thinks the Russians administered - but the drug works too well, and Dante's in the hospital with a heart that stopped.  This wouldn't have been so important, except--

Dante reveals that he was working with Simone to set the President up - good, in fact, excellent - and all Saul has to do is arrest her.  But before he can do that, Yevgeny kidnaps her from custody (it looked like he was going to just kill her, but apparently they've been lovers, and Yevgeny apparently has his personal standards).  But how does Yevgeny know where the Americans are keeping her?  Wellington's telling the Russians that she better not testify to bring the President down has backfired - the Russians would now rather not risk her testifying, and are content to rest on enough damage to President Keane already done.

That's what I mean by outstanding spy-craft.  Each side playing close to the top of their game, being hindered from complete victory by, to some extent, people on their own side making the wrong move.  Maybe Carrie should have administered a drug that didn't risk killing Dante - now he's all the good-guys have left to testify about the Russian plot.  And definitely Wellington should not have threatened the Russian ambassador.

I'm really enjoying the season of Homeland, as I've mentioned before.  It's a different kind of narrative now, with the classic spy-vs-spy motif raised to a whole new level, and fake news as the backdrop.

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