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Sunday, April 8, 2018

Homeland 7.9: Franny vs. the Job or the U. S. Hacks Twitter

Whew, another outstanding, heart-pounding episode of Homeland just on tonight - 7.9 - about as good as it gets on Homeland (which is, remarkable indeed), and, in this case, about the best on the series so far in one of the underlying foundations of the series:  Franny vs. the job.

That dilemma of which is more important to Carrie, which should she give her best attention to, underlies just about everything in these stories since Franny was born.  But tonight the tug on Carrie's very soul was never more acute.  She leaves Dante in the hospital, under incredibly tight security, to reclaim Franny - which, Carrie soon discovers, means literally reclaiming her daughter from her (Carrie's) sister.

But the security at the hospital, though bristling and apparently air-tight, is still no match for the resourceful Yevgeny.   And, in a series of life-and-death moves with all kinds of possible outcomes, Yevgeny apparently kills Dante.  (Yeah, there are spoilers in this review.)  (And I say "apparently" because I'm not completely sure we saw Dante dead.)

And Carrie, about to leave the school with her daughter, has to rush back to the hospital.  Carrie almost hits Franny as she's quickly backing up in her car, and ... Carrie's shattered.  Worse, I would say, than once again.

And that's not the only almost one-of-a-kind development in tonight's hour.  The other is the U. S. government hacking Twitter to turn a Russian code back on the Russians to destroy their network.  I wonder how Twitter feels about that?

All I know is that this hour was one high of an adrenalin ride, and another first-rate spy story, and I'll see you back here next week.

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