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Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Big Little Lies 2.4: Bonnie's Deepest Motives

Big Little Lies 2.4 is finally beginning to get down to brass tacks on what Bonnie's real or deepest motives were in pushing Perry down those stairs.  The question has been looming since the season 1 finale, and has been lurking around every episode in season 2.

The proximate fuse we all saw was Bonnie reacting to the abuse Perry was dishing out to several of our leading women.  But what did that fuse ignite that was already inside Bonnie?   Nothing out there in the open as yet, but clearly that fuse is connected to Bonnie's mother.

And all of this is happening just in time, at least for us, the viewers' sake.  Because what we also saw in episode 2.4 is Bonnie's coalition of conspirators beginning to come apart.  It's a bad thing when your coalition of supporters is beginning to talk amongst each other about ending that support.

Meanwhile, although this may not have much relevance to what happens to Bonnie - though everything is complexly connected on this show - I've got to say that I don't have much sympathy for Ed.  I mean, true, he cheated on Madeleine, but he's still acting like something between a nebish and a schmuck.  I'm thinking Madeline and he may not wind up together in the end, after all.

And speaking of together, it's ominous, at least for their mothers, to see all of Perry's children getting closer and closer together.   Not exactly one big happy family, with each of the mothers having ample reason to hate Perry, and Perry's mother pushing the family buttons at every available time.

More reflections next week.

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