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Monday, July 22, 2019

Big Little Lies, Season Two Finale: Too Happy Ending

Well, I thought this seven-episode second season of Big Little Lies was superb, if short - except the ending tonight, which was too upbeat.

Not that I don't like happy endings.  But this one was too much.  Celeste wins her case, completely.  Ok, that was welcome and justified.  Madeline and her husband renew their vows and everything is hunky dory.  That was a little much.  And it looks like Jane and her boyfriend are on their way to a great relationship, too?

Renata smashing the trains was the best part of the episode, along with Celeste standing up for herself in court.  But Bonnie finally coming to terms with her mother didn't make all that much sense.

And what was happening with the five going into the police station at the end?  Ok, Bonnie is confessing.  That makes sense.  But if she tells the truth, and the other four back her up, they'll all be guilty of obstruction of justice, in addition to Bonnie going down for manslaughter or murder, who knows.

Another episode, or at least another 30 minutes on this finale would have just the thing to explain why the five made the decision, what exactly that was, and what kind legal jeopardy the four will be in.   Ambiguity is sometimes just the thing to end a powerful story.  This time, it wasn't.

Maybe that's reason to get a third season going, with some answers and contexts for this super series, with super memorable characters.

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