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Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Amazing Stories (2020)1.4: "Signs of Life": Happy Revivals

The fourth episode of the revived Amazing Stories (2020) on Apple+ TV was about a woman revived from a thought-to-be irreversible coma.   So, just like Amazing Stories, she comes back to active life, albeit not the same life she had before she was put in a hospital out of the day-to-day world.

Pretty good analogy, huh?  But I did think this was the most interesting, complex, and original of the four stories I've seen so far.  Even though I did guess what was going on pretty early in the episode.

It was fun seeing it played out.  Lost's Josh Holloway is always good to see on the screen.  Last time was in Colony, unfortunately canceled after just three seasons.   Significantly, there's a connection between Colony and "Signs of Life": extra-terrestrials.   But I'm not going to say anymore about the plot.

Back to the acting, Holloway always manages to deliver a combination of toughness, hipness, and underlying warmth.  It's not a common or easy combination.  But the deeper warmth in this episode of Amazing Stories resides in the mother (who came out of the coma) and daughter relationship.

I mentioned in my review of the third episode that every one of these stories so far has a happy ending.  The fourth episode is no exception.  And I've got to say I'm happy about that.  Science fiction and its weird tales cousin are usually short on happy endings.   We could use a lot more of them in our real world and our fiction.

This first season of the new Amazing Stories is just five episodes, making it more a half season than a season.  That's certainly not a happy ending.  I hope there's a second half down the road.  But I'll be back with a review of the fifth episode as soon as I get a chance to see it, in the next day or two.

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