Friday, March 12, 2021

Debris 1.2: Clones

Well, I liked Debris 1.2 on NBC this week considerably more than 1.1 the week before, and that's always a good sign.  The story hung together a little better, and maybe that was because its main theme was clones.

One -- or, at least two -- were clones of Bryan.  He kills one of them, which gave Craig the opportunity of getting off a good sarcastic line, something to the effect that it hurts to kill what you love most in this world.  The other was a clone of Bryan with two heads, which harkened back to some movie from back in the 1970s, I think, about a guy with two heads (ok, here it is, The Thing With Two Heads, starring Rosey Grier, 1972).

I should have mentioned last week that the creator of Debris is J. H. Wyman who did a lot of work on the late, lamented Fringe.   That show had a deliberate B-movie 1950s feel to it, which Debris almost happily picks up on.  I don't mean this as an insult.  I've been a fan since I was eight or nine years old.

The other clone of interest in this episode is Eric, who is wounded by a piece of alien debris that fell on his house, which then did him the favor of creating some of clones of him, while it moved pieces of cars and other non-alien wreckage around his home.   To mark the spot?  Who knows, or why.

The pace of Debris is amazingly slow in terms of telling us what's really going on here.  It holds its cards very close to its chest.  So far, in two weeks, all we've learned about the grand scheme of things in this narrative is that an alien shipwreck left debris on Planet Earth which is causing all kinds of strange effects.

As in Fringe, these effects so far are a blend of horror and science fiction, and that's ok by me.  But I'd like to learn more, and  I guess that's the reason for the slow pace.  I'd also like to see a little more story for Finnola the MI-6 agent, played by Riann Steele.

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