Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Debris 1.4: Suspentia Belief

Well, I know I keep saying this, and that's because it's true.  Debris keeps getting better and better, and it did this again this week in episode 1.4

I especially liked the use of extra-terrestrial tech -- "suspentia" -- to cure a different Debris effect, the extra-terrestrial terraforming of our atmosphere into one in which chlorine, deadly to life on Earth, replaces oxygen.   This (again, like many an episode of Fringe) is an old and still intriguing science fiction chestnut of terraforming other planets to make them suitable to human life, and vice versa.

Finola plays a major role in applying suspentia to save a group of people who will die on Planet Earth, having been transformed into chlorine-breathing beings: put them into suspended animation, until we humans develop the means to bring them back to life in our oxygenated world.  It's a big risk, of course, but far better than the alternative.

Meanwhile, Finola also learns that Bryan knows her father is alive, and didn't tell her.  This will put a sizeable schism in their relationship, and in doing so will further separate the CIA and MI6.  Missing in action this week, except in one short sentence, is "Influx" -- we need to learn more about them already.

But as long as the episodes get tighter and tighter, as they've been doing, I'm more than happy to wait for the central plot to move along and find a more satisfying pace.  There's something about Debris that increasingly has classic --- as in destined to become a classic -- written all over it, and I'm eager to sit back and see that happen.

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