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Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Debris 1.3: Trapped out of Time

An excellent episode of Debris tonight -- 1.3 -- that connected in a bunch of ways and opened up some intriguing possibilities.

The main agenda are people who disappear and are trapped in another dimension barely perceivable to us, as a result of the debris.   We hear clearly for the first time that the extra-terrestrial ship was both intergalactic and extra-dimensional.  In the case of the trapped people, they disappeared from Earth ranging from very recently to at least as long ago as 1976.   Since the intergalactic extra-dimensional ship arrived in our solar system -- at least as far as we know -- just six months ago, this means that among the effects of the debris are some wild extra-temporal consequences, too, i.e, a type of time travel.  For the people who are trapped, it seems that just a very short time has passed.  And judging by their apparent lack of aging, it has.  But by our tracking of time, in which the weirdest thing is setting the clock backward or forward twice a year, the time passed can be as long as half a century.

So there's that.  And another good thing is that all the temporally trapped people in this episode are actually rescued, giving us the first passably happy ending in the first three outings of Debris.

Meanwhile, the overlay of spy story is gradually getting more appealing, too.  There's the CIA and MI6, cooperating, at least most of the time.  There are the Russians.  And there's the mysterious group called Influx.  Again, as far as we now know, the first three groups are human.  But what about Influx?

And then there's the question which will likely be looming for a long time.  Actually, two questions.  Why did the ship come here?  Why did it blow up or become a wreck and spew debris down on Planet Earth?

More than enough science fiction in all of that to keep us occupied for a long time, unless we get pulled into another dimension.

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first starship to Alpha Centauri ... and they only had enough fuel to get there

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