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Monday, December 31, 2018

The Orville 2.1: Relief and Romance

Coming in with a quick New Year's Eve review of The Orville, which launched its second season on Fox (just Fox, not Fox News) last night.

The Orville continues to be what is and was last season: a much welcome alter-version of Star Trek (TOS and TNJ) with the humor amped up.  Episode 2.1 featured Bortus and crew preparing for their equivalent of Spock's Pon Farr on TOS.  In Bortus's case, it's a once-a-year time to, ah, relieve oneself.

This in turn provides an occasion for all kinds of romantic quests and entanglements, as our crew hustles to find partners to attend this solemn ceremony.  Ed and Kelly are no longer partners - she's with a school teacher - and Malloy and Kitan (who were not together in the first place, as far as I can recall) each struggle to find suitable accompaniment for the occasion.

Claire (Dr. Finn) is with Isaac, since the robot got her son out of hot water.   I'm assuming that the most that can be expected here is a Platonic relationship.  But, hey, in this alternate Star Trek, you never know.

My favorite Star Treks were and likely always will be TOS and TNG (cheapskate that I am, I don't feel like paying to see what's currently on CBS All Access) (I heard season one of Discovery is in the NY Public Library, but I'm also lazy), which means that The Orville would really have to work hard to not be of interest.  As it is, I find it highly enjoyable, and think that in its own way it makes an important contribution to Star Trek lore.  That, and it's good to laugh.

The Orville's regular time is Thursday nights.  See you back here, then next year, and I'll try not to pun any more on "launch".

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