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Monday, December 11, 2023

Who Killed JFK: Episode 5: Sheep Dipped

Wikipedia says "sheep dipping is the immersion of sheep in water containing insecticides and fungicide." On another Wiki page, we learn that sheep dipping in military idiom is"to formally, and usually temporarily, transfer military equipment or personnel to non-military ownership for the purpose of its employment in covert action with less risk of triggering armed conflict."

Guess which kind of sheep dipping Episode 5 of Who Killed JFK? tells us the CIA did to Lee Harvey Oswald, to set him up as the "patsy" in their assassination of JFK?  The answer is: all that sheep have to do with this is the American people and the world were led like sheep to believe that Oswald was the sole assassin in this horrendous history-changing crime.  

Rob Reiner, Soledad O'Brien, and their experts give us painstaking details of how the CIA did this, making him look like a supporter of Fidel Castro and his Soviet-allied Cuba when actually Oswald was just the opposite.  And who do Reiner et al claim came up with this ingenuously devious plan?  None other than James Angleton, aka the Poet Spy, the erudite, brilliant Chief of Counterintelligence at the CIA.

I have to say that this part of the incredible story the podcast is carefully telling is a bit less convincing than the forensic evidence laid out in prior episodes.  The fact that at least one of the bullets came from the front not the back of JFK as he and Jackie and Connally and wife rode through Dallas that day seems unimpeachable, unless all the experts talking in podcast are blatantly lying, which seems very unlikely.  And if there was more than one shooter, that means 100% that the Warren Commission was lying, and at very least there was more than one person shooting at JFK.

But the CIA piece is important, because it seeks to establish or at least further demonstrate not only its motive in killing the President (anger over the Bay of Pigs and fury at the detente JFK was pursuing with Khrushchev) but the specific way they expressed that motive, and made his assassination actually happen, and in a way that didn't implicate the CIA.

Even as I write that, it seems like one tall order.  I'm not completely convinced that Angleton was smart enough and powerful to pull that off (I certainly didn't know the man personally).  But the evidence is piling up in this and the previous episode, and I'm 100-percent up to being further convinced.

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