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Friday, December 22, 2023

For All Mankind 4.7: Dev on Mars

Well, I was waiting for Dev to have a major role in this season of For All Mankind on Apple TV+, and in episode 4.7 he gets it.

He's the first person person we've seen who wants to spend the rest of his life on Mars.  He made that clear in a previous episode this season.  And that means he thinks differently from everyone else.  He's truly a person of the future.

[Spoilers ahead ... ]

The alliance he makes with Ed Baldwin at the end of the episode shows Ed feels the same way about Mars.  That, indeed, is why he's already stayed there so long.  His leadership of the strike, and his opposition to Poole, were rooted in his view of himself as a Martian, whether he was fully aware of that or not.  NASA and everything else that comes from Earth is increasingly something that literally and figuratively come from a different world.

About the strike, I'll just throw in my two cents that it was wrong to remove a crucial piece of equipment.  There's a fine line in a strike between refusing to work and damaging equipment.  And though the people at the site were wrong to try make the equipment work anyway without that crucial part, I think the blame for the explosion is with whoever removed it in the first place.

Last point I'll make about this important episode is it's good to see Margo back in Houston, however uncomfortable she -- and Aleida -- may feel about that.  I have a feeling good things for the human species will come from it.

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