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Friday, December 1, 2023

Slow Horses 3.1-3.2: Beatles Level

Whew!  The first two episodes of the third season of Slow Horses begin (after a prelude) with a shot at Ringo, of all people, with River telling Catherine he doesn't want to waste time on a file because it's "Ringo-level".  I wasn't completely sure this was about the Ringo -- Ringo Starr -- but who else could it be, I mean, it surely wasn't about Johnny Ringo, the out-West outlaw.  But I didn't know for sure until a bit later in the first episode, when there's talk about "George-level" as below "John-level" and "Paul-level," so whew, yeah,  the new season is off with a bang,

Though, one more thing about "Ringo-level," I've always thought even Ringo was so essential a drummer for the greatest group that ever existed that maybe "Wyman-level" would have been a better choice.  And, after all, Slow Horses does feature that fine theme-song by Mick Jagger.  On the other hand, using the members of The Beatles as a measuring stick is consistent with the appealing outrageousness of Slow Horses, so ...

But let's get to the new season.  All of our favorite characters are in fine form.  Lamb is still farting his head off, and denouncing every member of the team, even though all of them are doing an excellent job. Especially River, who we're reminded doesn't really belong in Slough House, but everyone else, including Ho.  And the story is sharp.

[And here's the warning about spoilers ahead ... ]

Catherine is kidnapped, by a group apparently led by the guy we see in the prelude, about whom we're not really sure he's a bad guy after the prelude is over.  I mean, kidnapping is not a good thing, but it's still possible he and the couple he's working with kidnapped Catherine for some worthy reason?  Nah, I doubt it, that's why I put the question mark there, but there is something about them that seems not that bad, including that they gave Catherine a choice of ham or cheese or both for her lunch as a kidnapee.

The two hours flew right by, and it's great to see show back.  It's one of my favorites.  On The Beatles level?  A little too soon to tell, but it's a contender for sure.

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