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Tuesday, December 26, 2023

Slow Horses 3.6: Winners and Losers, Part 2

Well, I was right in my prediction last week about who else on our Slow Horses team would bite the dust in the season 3 finale on Apple TV+ tonight.

[Spoilers ahead ... ]

And, indeed, no one on our team was killed.  But I also predicted that Donovan would live, because the blood lust in current TV series logic that not everyone of the good guys can live had been satisfied with Ben Dunn's demise in last week's episode, and, alas, I was wrong about that.  And Donovan would have been a good addition to our heroic anti-heroic team.

But on the bright side, that bald guy was killed in the failed attack on Standish, and so was the leader of the MI-5 team which under Tearney's orders were trying to kill the Slow Horses.  And the women on our team had an especially good night, playing a decisive role in the victory back at the Park.

I would rate this season as the best so far, with three back-to-back episodes of nearly nonstop action rounding out the short season of six.  Even Ho tried to get into the action, with his vehicle.  It wasn't needed, and gave Lamb yet another chance to bad-mouth anyone on his team, but it did show that Ho's heart was in the right place, using whatever weapon was at hand to try to save the day.  And it wasn't his fault that smashing into the house to shake up the bad guys inside was no longer needed.

What's needed now are more episodes of this most excellent series, and they can't come along fast enough for me.  I'll see you back here next year as soon as they're back on the screen.

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