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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Heroes Volume One Finale...

I think the best part of the Heroes finale tonight is that just about every one of our heroes had a role in stopping the exploding man .... Niki's strength, Hiro's sword, Claire's recuperative powers (which enabled her to jump out the window and get to the right place), Molly's locational abilities, Micah's way with machines ... and of course Peter and Nathan's ultimate sacrifice, and how Nathan's power of flight, which he himself had belittled as not that great, saved the day (more on Peter and Nathan below)....

And there were some really fine scenes - my favorite was Molly and Micah going into the elevator, signifying the next generation of heroes (the third, as far as we now know)...

Heroes accounted very well for itself in this debut season. It carved out a universe, in a provocative, ever-expanding, but consistent way. And left us a lot for the next and subsequent "volumes". (Interesting how television seasons have taken on new names of demarcation in the past few years ... 24 deals in Days, Heroes gives us Volumes...)

Among the interesting hints of what the future holds in store for us and the heroes is Molly's mention of someone "worse than the Boogeyman" (the Boogeyman was Sylar) - someone who could see her when she was locating him.... Goosebumps kind of thing.

And let us not forget about the infinite possibilities of time travel. We see Hiro land centuries in the past in the peek we got of Volume Two.

And if Hiro can get to the past ... who knows, maybe he can figure out a way to save Nathan and Peter. Optimism can spring eternal in a universe in which time travel's afoot.

Star Trek, Star Wars, Superman, - Hiro feels as if he's one of those heroes in those classic stories, he tells Ando.

Is Heroes the series (the volumes) yet in that category? It's off to a good start...

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