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Friday, May 25, 2007

Lost New Questions: 3. Who's Waiting for Kate?

One of Infinite Regress's readers - muneeb - brought this up in a comment he made to Question 2, and it's certainly something I - and I'm sure most of you - have been thinking about:

Who is Kate talking about, when she tells Jack that "he's gonna be wondering where I am," in the very last, heart-rending scene of the finale?

(What a scene - I've watched it a bunch of times now, and it's even more powerful each time...)

Let's do the Holmes, and eliminate the impossible: "he's" no woman, and not Jack (again, assuming we're not in alternate universes with two Jacks).

What's left? Well, first, "he" is either someone we know now, or do not know.

It certainly could be either, but from our standpoint, someone we already know is the more fun direction....

The number-one choice for that would of course be Sawyer. We know Kate already loves him, or feels something for him. It may not be as much as she feels for Jack, but it's real enough. And she could be carrying Sawyer's baby...

Who else could it be from the island? Not Ben, not Hurley, or Bernard. Not likely Locke, either. Possibly Sayid - but that would be a long shot. Sayid loved Shannon and still loves Nadia. And we've seen no chemistry between Kate and Sayid so far... Desmond would be the same kind of long shot as Sayid - Desmond presumably still loves Penny.... Not Jin, either, unless Sun were dead - and even then, Jin would be grieving for her.

But here's another possible factor: The assumption that we're making, so far, is that the "he" is romantically connected to Kate, in some way. Let's say it's a "he" that's not? Let's say Rose died, and Kate is taking care of Bernard - he might be wondering where she is.

Here's an even wilder possibilty - this one is not mine, I came across it somewhere on the web (I think on Lostwiki) - the "he" is Kate's baby. By which man? Sawyer - that would be the most likely. But the baby could be Jack's, and he doesn't know it's his ....

For that matter, the "he" could be someone else's baby or toddler - Claire's (Aaron) or Sun and Jin's ....

All interesting possibilities. Sawyer is clearly the best, most obvious choice.

But as we've seen many times, Lost doesn't go for the obvious....

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