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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Killing 1.11: Rosie Missing - from the Story

Leave it to The Killing, with only three episodes left, to devote episode 1.11 almost entirely not to Rosie's murder.   Instead, we get an almost standalone episode about another missing member of a family - Sarah Linden's son Jack.  Against all odds and expectations - I remain eager to learn more about what happened to Rosie - I liked this episode a lot.

The toll that Rosie's murder has taken on her family, and the toll of that the investigation of Rosie's murder has taken on Sarah, has already been well established.  Sarah's wedding seems shot, as does her relationship with her almost husband.   Jack has been acting out, and his going missing at this point is well motivated.

My really favorite part of this episode was getting to see Linden and Holder work together - on another case - and Holder's loyal commitment to helping Linden find her son.   We also learn a little more about Holder's private life, which has been mostly kept in the dark until now.

But the best part of this episode is that it has a very happy ending.   Jack is found, alive and well.   Rosie, as we know, had no such saving grace, and the contrast between Jack and Rosie's fates sets the debut season of The Killing up nicely for some kind of resolution of Rosie's murder in the last two episodes.

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