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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

True Blood Back for Season 4

True Blood's back for its 4th season.   Sookie has been in fairy world for just a few minutes, but back in the more or less real world gone for more than a year.   The most interesting developments in her absence -
  • Bill is now King of Louisiana, and the job finally fits his bearing well. 
  • Eric is still sheriff, and still deeply wanting Sookie.   And he has this advantage in that pursuit: he bought Sookie's house while she was away.  This means he does not need her permission to enter.  Sookie, of course, could move away, but we're dealing with Sookie here.
  • Jason is now full-fledged police, and involved with those panther people.
  • Married life isn't all Jessica and Hoyt hoped it would be.
  • Arlene's baby boy may be a little monster, literally.
  • There's a coven of witches on hand - the newest supernatural element.
  • Tara's in New Orleans (hey, HBO has back-to-back Orleans dramas now, with Treme)
These are a pretty good set of new ingredients, and Sookie's year off has also given all the humans a chance to grow a year older, and look so.  This includes Sookie herself, which suggests that she quickly aged a year while she was away.  Bill and Eric look much the same, which makes sense, since vampires don't age.  But Jessica definitely looks older  (and she looks great) - no longer like a teenager - and this does not make much sense, since Jessica is a vampire, too.

My daughter tells me that the fourth novel in the book series on which season 4 is based is one of the best.   It's off to a good start.

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