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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Treme 2.8: Antoine's Music

The most poignant segment of Treme 2.8 featured Antoine, and his regretful musing that none of his sons are carrying on the music tradition - playing an instrument - that he and his father and his grandfather had done.   Antoine at least can be a surrogate father to the students in his music class, where he's beginning to have an impact on at least one talented young man with a horn in the class.

Antoine also gave a good rendition of "Can I Change My Mind?" - the title of the episode, and the sweet soul song by the late Tyrone Davis.   Kudos again to Wendell Pierce.

Music continues to figure, of course, not only in Delmond's life, but in his father Albert's.  Delmond sees a part for Albert in the new/old jazz fusion he's beginning the create, and Albert, as always, is resistant but not completely closing the door.   Albert remains the most unclear and therefore in some ways most interesting character on the show - does he want elements of his New Orleans Indian culture brought out to a larger world via his son's music, or does he prefer it to stay more personal, even secretive?

Nothing secretive about the way Sophia has been living her life - driven around stoned by boys she doesn't know, getting picked up by police - to Toni's increasing dismay.  This story has so far been going along a completely predictable path.

Indeed, none of the story lines in this year's Treme are as yet as riveting as the best of last year's.   But it's alright, because the music is so fine.

And here's a taste of Tyrone Davis's Can I Change My Mind ...

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