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Monday, June 27, 2011

US Supreme Court Wisely Strikes Down California Ban on Video Games

Good news for video game enthusiasts and First Amendment advocates: the US Supreme Court today wisely struck down a California ban on sale of video games to minors.   The 7-2 majority found that the ratings system was more than enough to guide parents.

The fact that the decision was 7-2 is itself highly noteworthy.  Conservative justice Scalia wrote the majority opinion.  It was joined by three other conservatives and by progressives Ginsberg,  Sotomayor, and Kagan (conservative Thomas and progressive Breyer dissented).   This is a hopeful development indeed for people who take the First Amendment seriously, and its prohibition of government restriction of communication and media - a new coalition for freedom of expression.  It also shows that I was wrong when I expressed concern about Sotomayor's First Amendment views after her nomination.

A debate I had with anti-videogame crusader Jack Thompson a few years ago follows.

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