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Monday, June 13, 2011

The Killing 1.12: Is Orpheus the Killer?

And now, with just one episode left of The Killing, the finger is finally pointing at least in the specific direction of Rosie's killer.

We get there by dispensing with one last incorrect suspect - whom I never thought was really suspect, in any case.   Rosie's aunt is a call-girl, and she did get Rosie involved in the trade, but she apparently did not kill Rosie.

Who did?   A john, a melancholy man, who talked to his next-to-last girl about what it felt like to drown?  This made her nervous, and she warned the other girls, but not Rosie - or, if Rosie was warned, she didn't take it seriously.   He's known to the girls as "Orpheus".

Who is he really?   In a great parallel sequence, Holder finds his picture in a phone booth, as Linden first sends emails to his account, and then finds the computer on which he has received those emails in the apartment of the man she has come over to talk to ....


Well, I've been saying from the beginning that the most important clue to Rosie's murder was the car in which she was found - a car from the Richmond campaign.   But he is really Rosie's killer?

I'm still betting on Gwen, as I have from the outset.  She knew about Richmond and Rosie - she said to him in the first episode, "I know where you were last night" - and she killed Rosie to punish Richmond (her motive: jealousy), implicate him, and ruin his campaign and his life.  In other words, I'm thinking that Richmond-Orpheus is not the killer.

This logic could also apply to Jamie, with something other than jealousy being the motive.   But, for some reason, I'm still thinking Gwen.

We'll see for sure next week ...

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