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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Closer 7.2: Pope

As The Closer slides smoothly into its 7th - and sadly, final - season, Will Pope is emerging as the most interesting character, to say the least.   First, in the wake of Delk's dropping dead last week, Pope is now the interim police chief.   This disavantages the hapless Taylor, and one might think it would be of great help it to Brenda Leigh, but -

Far from it being a lucky break for our heroine, Pope now being in charge may be a disaster for her, which she doesn't yet know yet quite see.  When Raydor tries to close the investigation into what happened at the end of last season, when Brenda set up a vile perp for his comeuppance, Pope insists that Raydor continue with her investigation, and forbids her from telling Brenda what's going on.

Pope, in other words, is turning out to be an out-and-out traitor, and only Fritz has an unblinded perspective on this.   It's rare to see a character have such a profound change in personality, but, then again, there were some elements of this in Pope vis-a-vis Brenda all along.  He certainly has the age-old motive of unrequited love.

Top this off with a good whodunit story, and The Closer is off and running with a great season - in fact, one that might well be among its best.

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