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Monday, July 18, 2011

Breaking Bad Season 4 Debuts: Jump Cut in Blood

Well, I was mostly wrong in my prediction about what we would find out about the last scene of season 3 of Breaking Bad in the debut of its fourth season last night.   But I was right about one thing - Victor is dead - even though I was wrong about who killed him.

That would be Gus, who we learn last night is not only ruthless and brutal in the orders he gives, but in his personal conduct.   Victor had to die because he failed to protect Gale, ok.   But the way Gus dispatched him was so bloody, literally, that the clean-up took a long few minutes in the story, and AMC felt obliged to post a warning about the "intense" violence.   From a cinematography point of view, mopping up blood on the floor allowed for a nice jump cut to pushing around ketchup on a plate.

So this is what Jesse and Walter will be up against this season.  As Walter explains to Jesse, their days are numbered.   Gus will let them live only until he finds someone as good or better to do the cooking.  But is there anyone who can cook better than 99% pure?   As the very first scene last night made clear, there may always be someone better.

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