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Sunday, July 17, 2011

My Prediction about Breaking Bad

As we wait for the beginning of season 4 in just a scant few hours, here's my prediction about what we'll find happened in that last scene at the end of season 3 of Breaking Bad:

We saw Jesse fire his gun, but at an angle that looked to be maybe slightly off target from the geek who was about to become Mr. White's replacement.  I think Jesse was firing not at the geek, but the killer who was rushing to the geek's house to save him and kill Jesse.

I'm thinking Jesse will either kill or badly wound the killer, and then maybe take the geek at gunpoint over to where Mr. White is being held.

I'll be reviewing the first episode of Breaking Bad here tonight - and will from now on be reviewing every episode - and will either crow or eat crow about my prediction.

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