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Monday, July 11, 2011

Falling Skies 1.5: Ben

I like television shows that make real progress, if not from episode to episode, at least over the course of a season.  Falling Skies made such a move last night in episode 1.5

From the beginning of the series, Tom's guiding goal has been to get Ben back with him.  No easy task, because of deadly alien resistance to rescues, and because the harnesses could not be removed without killing the victims.   The second problem received some resolution two episodes back, as the outside doc who had a history with Tom was able to more or less successfully remove a harness - the "less" coming from the control that the alien in the cage still had over the formerly harnessed boy.

Last night we got some satisfying resolution to the first problem, as Matt bravely infiltrates the ranks of the harnessed captives.  In one of the best sequences of the series so far, we get a sickening taste of life with the aliens - as the skitter cuddles up for the night with its (her?) human captives - and then Matt with back-up from Tom and his unit free the captives and bring them back to their sanctuary.

All but one survive the removal of the harnesses.   Ben is among the survivors, and seems to recover more quickly than the previously liberated boy.   Anne understandably feels bad about the boy who didn't make it (as my grandmother used to say, if you hurt a finger, it doesn't lessen the pain to realize that the other four fingers are fine).

I hope Ben is fully back with his species and family.  Falling Skies now has an opportunity to branch out into other areas, and there are lots awaiting.   On the other hand, the captive alien killed the doc, and may yet be able to exert some control over Ben, and/or some of the other rescued kids.

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