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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Falling Skies 1.4: Drizzle

An ok Falling Skies 1.4 on Sunday - not much was happening or falling, which is why I think of this episode as just a drizzle.

We did learn a little more about the aliens - they have human-like emotions, and this will make it easier for us to combat them.   But their control over the harnessed kids seems to be even deeper than first thought - it continues even when the harness is removed and the victim survives - and this will make the task of humanity, in particular the parents of harnessed kids, even harder.

But otherwise, no big surprises or wrenching developments.  To some extent, we're all junkies for the jolt of the unexpected in our television shows.   But that's a tough row to hoe for a series - in the case of V, for example, the surprises happened so often that we got used to them.

Maybe Falling Skies will be a different kind of alien invasion series, with a pace that defies expectations, because it throws in a quiet, more contemplative show once in a while.   I'll be keeping my eyes to the skies and the screens.

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