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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Breaking Bad 4.2: Gun and Question

The long and short of Breaking Bad 4.2 is that Walter buys a gun for the purpose of killing Gus, before Gus kills Walter and Jesse, as Walter is sure Gus will, as soon as Gus lines up a reliable replacement for Walter.

Is Walter right about Gus' intentions?  Hell, yes.

Will Walter be able to follow through on his intentions (not yet an actual plan)?  Very likely yes.

So why then did Walt approach Gus's steely enforcer, Mike, with a request to set up a meeting between Gus and Walt?   Surely Walt must have known that Mike would almost instantly see through this, even if Mike hadn't spotted the gun which Walt worked so hard not to reveal.

Elsewhere, Hank's making a small bit of painful progress, but can barely stand the sight of Marie.  This is only slightly the result of her lack of appreciation of Hank's interest in minerals - which she calls rocks - and more much because her presence reminds Hank of the pathetic shape he feels he's in, and what he can't do now.   This is the result of the careful care she has given him - including emptying bed pans - and gets at the very heart of this series.

Breaking Bad continues its mix of following though, rather than skating around, the tough issues, and throwing in a less than comprehensible move which will no doubt lead to some sort of shocking surprise.  Fine, different television.

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