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Monday, June 18, 2012

Falling Skies Returns

Falling Skies returned for its second season on TNT last night, with an excellent two-hour foray.  The main theme, for at least this part of the season, is whether Tom, who spent some time on an alien ship, had returned a Manchurian Candidate, or a sleeper who will unknowingly work for the aliens on the inside of our brigade of freedom fighters.

In support of this hypothesis, we have -
  • the aliens massacre a group of humans in a field - and leave Tom unscathed
  • some kind of tiny alien insect mech emerges from Tom's eye and eventually finds its way into an alien eye
  • and this, maybe a stretch on my part, but was Ben's shooting his father totally an accident, or because Ben with super-sensitivity to aliens sensed something alien in Tom (and couldn't see that he was shooting his father)?
So far, only Pope is really suspicious, and Weaver has certainly taken note of the possibility.  Tom is of course the loving father, and ready as ever to kill aliens, but that's exactly what a good unknowing sleeper agent would do.  And in the end of the second hour, as he takes out a bunch of aliens, he manages to escape when the aliens torch his position.

Otherwise, lots of good brotherly tension between Hal and Ben - who has become, because of his strength and perception, Weaver's best operative, but is still not 100% above suspicion because of the parts of the alien spine that are still with him.  Matt's growing up, too, able to handle a gun despite what Hal (and Tom) want, due to Ben's teaching.

Some good romantic flourishes between Maggie and Hal, Anne and Tom, and Lourdes and Jamil (fine new tech-savvy addition).   And hey, I enjoyed the shoutout to Bob Dylan, who may still be alive back in Minnesota writing protest songs!

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