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Monday, February 11, 2013

Battlestar Galactica Blood and Chrome: Review

I caught the prequel Battlestar Galactica movie tonight - Blood and Chrome - shown as a two-hour program rather than the 10 episodes of 12 minutes each online this Fall - and found it excellent.

The first Cylon War has been raging in space for 10 years.  It's Bill Adama's first mission.   Which puts Blood and Chrome in between Caprica and Battlestar Galactica proper, which is about where it is in quality, though closer to BSG than Caprica, which was slow-moving but had its moments.

The action in Blood and Chrome was sharp, and there was even a Star Trekian / Star Warsian bunch of action and storyline on an ice moon, replete with a proto-fleshy-Cylonic being and some cyborgian slithering monsters with (by at least one account) some flesh that makes tasty eating.

Young Adam's mission is to bring a woman scientist to the moon on some mission (she says) of crucial importance in the war.   She turns out to be right, but not the way she thought.  I figured out all the twists until the very last one, which makes the story satisfying and a winner in my book.  I was also glad to see Adama sleep with her.  As the Admiral in BSG, he spent far too many nights alone in his cabin.

And it was good to see humanity waking up from its Capricorn coma of obliviousness.  Humanity in Blood and Chrome is desperate again, on the edge.  Not as desperate, of course, as they'll be in BSG, but we're beginning to realize that the toasters are a lot smarter and resourceful than we realized.

We might even have beaten them, given our awakening, had not been been for the Cylons being so far along in their development of human-like beings.   We get just a taste of that in Blood and Chrome, and I'd love to see even more.  But as it is, we've been given a much-needed way station on the road from Caprica to BSG.

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