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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Bones 8.16: Bitter-Sweet Sweets and Honest Finn

Another fine bitter-sweet Sweets-centric episode of Bones tonight - 8.16 - as the team investigates remains that come with Ketamine, a date-rape drug.   But it soon turns out that the male remains were only carrying Special K, and the episode pivots into an investigation of a date-rape victim.  For a while, it seems that the dead body was the rapist - the victim can't remember much of what happened - but there's a good twist at the end of the episode about that.

So why was this bitter-sweet for Sweets?  It falls to him to question the girl who was raped, who understandably - and on advice of her mother - doesn't want to talk about it.  As Sweets tries to draw her out, and she says Sweets can't understand what's she's going through, Sweets reveals that he was raised in a foster home (I'm not sure if we knew that already) and he was beaten by his foster father.

Probably more than any other character on the show other than Bones and Booth, we've really gotten to know Sweets better this season.  Professionally, he's taken a much more active role in the investigations.   Personally, living with Bones, Booth, and Christine, he's in effect become part of their family, and the third most important character on the show.

Meanwhile, Cam shows an excellent perspective when her daughter Michelle neglects to tell her she's back in town and spending her time at Finn's place.  Rather than going crazy, she gets Finn to tell her where he and Michelle will be when they're out, so Cam can "accidentally" bump into the couple.  This, as Cam explains to Finn, will allow her to be mad at Michelle without outing the honest Finn who  told Cam about Michelle and him.   Very sophisticated and sensitive on Cam's part.  (Her relationship with Arastoo has helped her - nothing like a mother and daughter both seeing interns.)  Of course, it ironically gets the honest Finn to lie - but it's a white lie - and consistent with the underlying Bones philosophy of nothing is ever as straightforward as it seems.

Hey, did I hear something about time travel in the coming attractions?  You know I'm going to have a lot to say about that (time travel is my favorite science fiction to read and write).  In fact, I may travel ahead and see if I can get a peek at the show, so I can have a week to think about what to say in my review ...

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