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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Bones 8.15: The Magic Bullet and the Be-Spontaneous Paradox

A cracking good mystery in Bones 8.15 tonight - the best of the season so far - in which Bones is shot and nearly killed.  The mystery is not only who did it, but why there is no trace of a bullet, and no exit wound.

The idea that occurred to me and Hodgins was maybe a bullet made of ice.  Such a bullet would explain why it left no trace or exit wound - it melted in the heat of the body - but alas it turns out that a bullet made of frozen water would not be able to break the skin.

Another symptom provides a clue.  After Bones comes back from her first flatlining, she nearly dies again - some kind of allergic reaction.  But to what?  Hodgins figures out that it's an antibody reaction to someone else's blood in Bones' system.   And he has the answer: the bullet was not frozen water but frozen blood.  As a last touch, Bones volunteers for surgery to get a precise ID on the antigen inside her, so her would-be killer (and killer of a security guard at the Jeffersonian) can be nabbed.   Bones literally puts her body on the line - or on the table - to get the bad guy

As I said, an excellent mystery story.  But the magic bullet is really magical in a different way.  In Bones' near encounter with death, she sees and talks to her late mother.  (The history of Bones and her parents is worth reading up on if you haven't seen the first few seasons - it's a great story.)  Her mother now tells Bones that she has to let out some of the little girl kept locked deep inside all of these years - locked inside, so Bones with her brilliant indomitable logic could get in control of her nearly shattered life and succeed.  But for Bones to lead a truly full and happy life - which all who love her want for her - she has to live with more emotion.

This puts a fine bow on tonight's story.  Bones is at the Jeffersonian, working in the wee hours, because she and Booth got into argument over Bones' scientifically logical dissection and analysis of every aspect of their lives, including having fun with baby Christine.  This is something Bones and Booth have been struggling with all season.   It takes Bones almost dying to get her to see that she needs to be more spontaneous.  But spontaneity is, after all, not easy for anyone to learn.

If someone asks you to be spontaneous, how can you comply?   If you then try to be spontaneous, you're actually not being spontaneous, because you're following an instruction.   In the case of Bones, it  took a magic bullet for her to break out of this be-spontaneous paradox.

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