Monday, February 25, 2013

The Walking Dead 3.11: The Patch

Well, the most interesting and important development - and maybe revelation - in The Walking Dead 3.11 happened when the Governor aka Phillip takes off his eye bandage back in Woodbury.  It's not 100% clear, but it looks as if his badly injured eye may not be completely gouged out.  I'm no ophthalmologist, so I couldn't tell you if the Governor can now see something out of that eye, but the producers showed us that scene for a reason.  So I'm guessing/betting that the Governor does indeed have some vision out of that eye now.

Why is this important?

Andrea's back in the Governor's bed, following Carole's good advice that Andrea should give the Governor "the time of his life," and then kill him in his sleep.   Andrea seems well on the way to doing that, but pulls a little back at the end of this episode.   Presumably Phillip is safe, for now.

But did he see what Andrea almost did?   He was wearing a patch over his eye, and, ordinarily people don't see through patches.  But The Walking Dead is clearly no ordinary story, so I'm thinking maybe the Governor put a little pinhole in the patch, to enable him to see through it, which would give him an advantage with people in addition to Andrea.

We'll see (pun intended).  Meanwhile, Tyreese's group is now in Woodbury, Rick may be getting it a tad more together (after that great scene in which Carl tells him maybe he should step down as leader), and both sides - Rick's and the Governor's - are gearing up for some kind of battle.   More than in any of the three seasons so far, The Walking Dead is moving into humans versus human territory, with the walkers an ever-present danger to both and, as we saw last week, weapons that the Gov is happy to use against our people.  Not a bad state of affairs at all for a good story, and I'm looking forward to more.

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