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Monday, February 25, 2013

Bones 8.17: "Not Time Share, Time Travel"

How, we're asked in Bones 8.17, can the same victim be found dead twice - in two different places, with one victim 20 years older than the other?  After a tasty UFO romp a few years ago, Bones gives us  an equally enjoyable time travel caper tonight.  Actually, the two victims turn out to be son and father, and not really involved in time travel, but my favorite kind of science fiction - as a reader, viewer, and author - was still the topic de jour tonight.  "Not time share, time travel," as an early suspect explains the passion of the younger victim.

The team gets it - time travel and all its complexities - precisely right.  Hodgins correctly says that time travel to the future is more possible than time travel to the past, which pitches us into paradox.  No time on a network television show to explain why with examples, so here are two:  I go back in time and prevent my grandparents from meeting.  So how did I exist in the first place to go back in time?  Or, an old guy (yeah, older than me) knocks on my door and gives me instructions on how to build a time machine, which I build, and then travel back in time to knock on my door to give myself the instructions.  So where did the instructions come from in the first place?  (Only a multiple universe muti-verse, in which every act of the time traveler creates a new universe, can get us out of such paradoxes.)  But travel to the future is no bed of roses either - it robs us of free will.  If I travel to the future and see you wearing a red shirt tomorrow, that deprives you of your free will to don a blue shirt tomorrow, if you choose.

Anyway, conundrums like this are what make time travel so much fun to think about it, as we see tonight again in Bones.   A new intern, who may even be brighter than Bones, thinks time travel is a possibility.  His name is Wells - a good name, given that H. G. Wells wrote the time travel classic, The Time Machine.  He gets Bones to see, at least a little, that luck can be a factor in solving cases, and you have to be open to all possibilities, however unlikely.

Tonight's episode is really about unlikely possibilities paying off.   Booth wants to invest in asteroid mining, Bones is skeptical about such a literally far-out venture paying off, and Booth in the best line of the night says, well people didn't think that we would pay off.  Exactly right.  And although time travel may forever be beyond our reach because it would shake up the very cause-and-effect nature of the universe, Booth and Bones certainly are not, and, in fact, according to the ratings, are doing better than ever as a couple.  Time well shared.   Viewing well re-paid.

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"A thinking person's time travel story... I felt like I was there." - SF Signal

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