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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Homeland 3.7: Revealing What We Already Knew

I'm still enjoying Homeland, but episode 3.7 was the one weakest this season, with a big reveal of what we already knew: Brody was not responsible for the bombing that took out the CIA.

I suppose this clears the boards, but it's not enough, especially with Brody MIA this season, with the exception of the one excellent, standalone episode.   Otherwise, Quinn is doing a good job, but other than his heroic action at the beginning of the season, he's fighting small potatoes battles.   And Dar continues to be intriguing - I still think he's working for Saul - but with no development at all of his character and situation.

Saul remains the center of the story, which I like.   But his personal life is a distraction, as it always was.   It did get me thinking that wouldn't it be a nice twist if his wife, or at least her lover, was in some way responsible for the bombing.

The lack of Brody, I think, is the main problem.  In the first two seasons, his chemistry with Carrie animated the narrative.   Now, at least so far, all we really have in play in the Washington, DC area is his family. And as far we know, they have little to do with the main action, either.

I have enough faith in the show to expect all of this non-development is subtly setting the foundation for something really big.   Could be Saul getting killed, which I wouldn't like to see.   One thing is clear.   We need more than Saul getting the better of Javada, who, though personally a repulsive killer, has none of the gravitas of Abu Nazir.

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