Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The Walking Dead 4.7: The Governor's Other Foot

Well, I was a fool to think, even for a minute, that the Governor's brave and compassionate performance on The Walking Dead last week meant he had turned over a new leaf.  As we  found out till it hurt in episode 4.7, he's as psycho a killer as ever he was.

As was the case last season, what trips him off is mostly male competition, or anyone getting in the way, now or potentially tomorrow, of his real or projected position of power.  So in episode 4.7, we see the Governor killing off one by anyone who could be an obstacle to his building a new power base in the group he and his family adopt.

In a way, this is a shame, because it deprives the upcoming and ultimate confrontation between the Governor and Rick and his people of the wild card of the Governor no longer being evil incarnate. Had the Governor kept whatever those good instincts he seemed to have in episode 4.6 last week, then that would have made it at least just a bit difficult to all-out root for Rick to kill him.  I mean, Rick would still have had more than ample reason, but it would have made his move - as was the case with Carole - just a little more painfully difficult.

As it is now - as we can see in the coming attractions and is easy enough to predict - we'll be treated to an all-out battle between the two sides, with some of our people (the coming attractions tell us) not surviving.   Who will that be?  Hershel, who shone so brightly in his fight against the new plague?  He would be the logical choice, and, I hate to say it, cause I like his character a lot, too, but Tyreese, as well.   Any of our other major characters not surviving this battle would be unthinkable - but, then again, Lori's death was unthinkable, too.

And what about the Governor - will next week be his last stand?   I'm split 50/50 on whether I want to see that, and also whether I'd predict that it will happen.  Which means next weeks Fall finale for this season of The Walking Dead has the makings of one memorable episode.

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