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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The Blacklist 1.9: Field Transfusion

The Blacklist 1.9 is the first half of a two-part Fall finale, and put up the most powerful show of the series thus far.  It showed us something you don't usually see on television - Red giving the badly wounded Ressler a field transfusion of blood from Red's own arm - and much more from Red.

James Spader gives an even more inspired than usual performance, highlighted by an instantly classic Red soliloquy about why he wants to live - drink the wine (two bottles), sleep like a baby, make hot love on cool sheets, and more - that Shakespeare would have enjoyed.   And the loss of life is a very real possibility, as Red witnesses one and likely two FBI agents shot dead by the bad guy, right before his eyes.

What all of this is building up to is a gun to the head of Lizzie, which we know not only Red won't abide, but not Ressler either.  The coming attractions pretty much show that he comes to in time to give the bad guy the code so the door can be opened, and Red apprehended.

Now we know that neither Red nor Lizzie can die in this story, but everything else is up for grabs or at least change.   If Ressler survives, he'll have to be grateful that Red saved his life.  And Red's giving himself up to save Lizzie can't be overlooked by her.   So what we'll have to look forward to when the series returns for its second half is a rearrangement of the loyalties and passions we've  seen thus far in the Fall.

I like series that re-set themselves - it was one of Alias's strong suits, which The Blacklist in many ways resembles, and Person of Interest just did that to searing effect last week.   But we'll know more about how this plays for The Blacklist next week, and I'm looking forward.

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